sayang korang...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

lets talked about love..

one of my friend said to me; "love is nothing else than giving and having, to and for, ourselves or to someone else".

i replied , " really?? then what is all about if a lover cheating on their mates? "

"that is simply because they didn't pleased enough with what their already got. they keep searching for someone that looking much more better than what they have now..but in the end they will realize that they had lost something that much more better and greater with what they searching for.." she answered me..

"nahh..that can't be it....i'd seen so many people that playing fool with their mates looks so much happier and cheerful...they had their 'loyal' partner , and also have their own 'scandal' i might say...when they had some crisis with their mates, they just simply turned around to their scandal to cheer they up..and one thing, their scandal also have their own soul mates as well, but still they keep looking for a new one,the same thing happen again and again..."

"our love life these days really get me into a goosebumps... it's frightened me..where else i could find such a honest and loving guys?? i don't really care about the looks, what i want is some honesty in a relationship", im spiced thing up a lil bit..

suddenly a person came into the line.................

-to be continued-


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