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Thursday, August 25, 2011

lets talked about love.. (2) of the my colleague came with a frown face, staring at both of us.."yeah that's true..i'd been in situation which is he left me instead to be with someone else, that is his ex..he was so in love with her..he keep talking about her even though we was already in a relationship..yeahh im pretend to be cool and giving him some advice,being so-called 'doctor love' but im suffering inside..he keep talking and talking, and i keep crying deeply in my last im giving up and let him to be with his ex..i just want him to fade away from my life", she explained to us..

im just keep quiet, trying to understand how does it was to be hurt like that..then my first friend, (okay we call her A laaa..) said to her " if we love someone so damn much, no matter how we were trying hard to win his heart, we do anything we could to pleased him, but if we were not the one for him, it just can be it..if she can give him a happiness that he searching for, its a good thing that we let them to be together..being a lover,its not a certain that we have to be with him..we did not own this 'love', but Allah have it..if we seen someone that we care, we love about is happier and more charmed with others, and she can make him be more delightful , we can be happy for him even if it killing us inside, just back off and praying for their happiness..that's a good deed indeed, to give a room for someone to have their happiness this case, we have to keep our trust in Allah..and remember, 1 door closed to us, but if we still be positive and give our hope to Allah, Insyaallah 10 other door, or even more will be opened up for us"

"thats a good thing to practice for..ermmm not just u (my other friend, we referred her as B la :p) have some painful experiences about this, me either got some thing as well at the past," ..... 

-to be continued-


  1. I lost my 4 years relationship. I'm not really devasted with happened, I guess I can see what's happening during that time.....I hope there's a reason behind this, like U said it might lead to another doors rite?

  2. yupp..don't ever give up with Allah's promises.. ;)


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