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Sunday, November 13, 2011

lets talked about love (4)

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"umphh, this might be the worst thing that ever happen to my life, yeah for some reason im considering he was my true love, even until now, since we had been together for almost 4 years, and i had to make a hard decision to leave him for the sake of myself".

"what ever might happen between us two, nothing can tears us apart, this is my promise to u", 
"yeah, me too. i really wanna our relationship work out for this time". 
"but, don't u think that they..""stop it! don't ever let that thing surpass our thought, we will fight for this, i know some day fate will goes with us",

 im ended that conversation, afraid that beautiful moment will be taken away by a insignificant thought. he lay his head down onto my shoulder, and hold my hand tight,

 "i will take care of u, forever ..honey". 
"thanks bie, love u deeply", 
im staring in his eyes, and both of us smiling. really wish that moment won't come to an end.

"wey! why are u stopped! we still want to know what happen between both of u!", my friend just snap me out from my memories, back to 4 years ago. "hmm.. i had to leave him, because of my parents. my parents didn't like him, i lied to them, that we were already broken up, but i still together with him, and they know that im fooled them.  i just can't hurt them no more. for that reason, i had to leave him, even it was just to painful for me and him. i also already get to know with his family, and we really going along well for the time being". im stop for a second, taking a deep breath, suddenly im feeling there's a unexplainable feeling lying beneath inside my heart. what could it be? 

"and just now i got some pathetic news for me, he already got engaged with his new girlfriend, yeah im not as sad as i might in the past, but there's might be a offended thought of me, huh just move on with a brand new life and a new person, hihihi". "yeah thats the spirit!" my friend smiled at me, what a comfy feeling that she gave me. im just staring around and thinking what may life give me in the future.

~it is merely IMPOSSIBLE for us to get what we wish in this life, even if we trying our very own best, attempting hundreds of time, sacrifice any things that we had, had  gone through a lot of sweetness, suffer the most painful situation, if God's will it is doesn't deserve us for be a better person, it will surely vanished. put it deep in your heart that everything happen, Allah just want to give us the perfect things for us to be a better person~


  1. masa bukan penentu yang he was the one for us ^^

  2. yeah time only give us experience :)


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