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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

lets talked about love.. (3)

" i had a huge crush on someone....i met him back then while i was in my high school, at the age of 16, hehehe...and now, im still keep in touch with him. i really do like him, because maybe he was too cute and adorable, hehe what a rebellious sight of mine..."

"hahaha not bad! judging some one from the look..yeah u were still just a kids at that time", said one of my just laughing out loud, "hahaha still not matured yet..i really had a crush om him, and at first we become a friend, indeed a real best friend, but the pathetic thing is that we're only on messaging, yeah via phone, hehe...we had met couple of time, just like that laaaa..we had a talk about life, and about his gf, yeah a lil bit frustrated there but still we were bestfriend, and im also sharing my thing bout study n bf"..

" so then, does he knows about ur feeling towards him??", im replied, "yeah there's one time im trying to confessed it to him, but he said that he just take me as his real best friend, and just it! hehehe there's nothing much i can say"

"but now, when i think about it, OMG im being such a fool to told him about my feeling!! how embarrassing !! yeah luckily he was cool about it...but now i found that he slightly changing from back then, become more 'modern' i might say??? hmmmm now we have a lots to argue about, really miss that moment when we were back as a very closest friend"

"yeah and now my life turn out to be more miserable because of there's something back then from the past haunting me back.", and just making my puffy face....

-this was not a puffy face-

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