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Friday, March 4, 2011

sabahan marii!!

im 20 yrs old sabahan.. im still a learner & survivor of life...some times when life gets tough,depressed, very uneasy & also being unpleasant to get through, i getting back my life & laugh from some inspirational quotes or even this... :) I LOVE BEING SABAHAN!! :)

> hahahahaha so damn hilarious bah ni ..hahaha 

> hahahah this is bruneian dialect... this was my fav vid & the reason why, is that im a bruneian,hahaha go brunei people!! heee (duh!) 

>hahahahah this person was 'kongutan" (in dusun language,means get drunk) & he started to talking nonsense things n really does makes me have a big laugh!! HAHAHAHA!

>yeah just same like the rest, but the best thing is that it also can make u have a smile on ur face!

> sabahan heroes, abu bakar ela! 

* i think that is it for now, because i wanna get ready to go to work, haha afternoon duty...enjoy with this vid n im apologized if some of the vid getting u irritated or something else..just wanna have fun with u goes to the creator!! :) *

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