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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

how to maintain ur mental in a good state???

1. able to control ur life freely
- u should be able to be independent, can control ur life just as the way u want it to, and making ur own decision.

2. able to carry in healthy lifestyle
- u are able to avoid things that can ruined ur self, such as smoking, consume alcohol, and also handling ur stress wisely.

3. maintaining a positive thinking
- get used to deal with other's point of view, and practice some motivational words for ourself.

4. practicing  wise decision 
- consider about the good or bad side of our decision, and how it can effect others before making any choice. 

5. able to build up a good relationship
-respect other's feeling, be tolerant, and have ur closest buddies for us to hang out with.

6. able to accept criticism
- can handle criticism in a good way and determine whether we have to make a change based on the critics or just be calm down. we have to admit  our mistake if it does true.

ok thats all for now...back to my revision...yahh!~

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