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Thursday, June 14, 2012

lets make a move!

aku noticed pattern hidup aku adalah sama...being fooled,being used over again n again... it hard to be nice,but more harder to be bad....hahaha opposite isn't it??

they came,tries to persuade me,n im doing my best to win their heart again,again,n again..but when they got what they want,they ceased me away,make me like a total idiot..

please be nice with me,can't u??im not asking for money or things,but please RESPECT my trying to pleased u,but u??? u just take,but not giving any to me..

sampai housemate aku cakap,walaupun orang berlainan dalam hidup aku ni,tapi jalan cerita dengan mereka semua adalah sama saja....= =' .......mesmerized me.......

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