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Thursday, February 16, 2012

to-do-list....before im 30?? or before i get married??

1. wall climbing (damn crazy bout this!)

2. driving and drift a car (inpired by Ford Mustang...uhhhhh )

3.owned myself a "sporty" kinda car (prefer persona) and nailed it, pimp it till people really didn't expect it turned out to be a girl's car...bwahahaha lowered it, tinted the glass,tune up some volume...perrgghhhh....

4.bungee jumping...(hahaha i wonder if i could get this in malaysia??)

5.water rafting ( in Sabah also have maaa,sungai padas..just situated in my hometown beaufort..hahaha)

6.master in ...ermmm..."house"cooking?? just the simple2 one maaa...enough to occupy some spaces in my belly,hahaha

7.going on a delightful vacation with my famili (1) and girlfriends (2) ...ermmmmm if possible could i get to somewhere that only could be reach by flight?? i mean farrrrrrrrrr...and farrrrrrrrrrr away from here....ahahaha just to have some experience in elsewhere..

8. get myself a roll of degree in science nursing and emergency and trauma post basic..

9. maybe about...ermmm at least 10k in my account??

10.had forget and never regret regarding the past...


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  2. bungy jump d sunway lagoon. rm75 mcm. haha

  3. 22m above the water, a height equivalent to a nine-storey building.haha

  4. ermm...doesn't sound quite adventurous for me...lalalala..hahaha

  5. great..hey blogger booo


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